Strategies to Help You Engage and Empower Teens

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Unlock Your Students Potential with Throat Punch Normal

When students have confidence in how they are uniquely made and are given an outlet to use their gifts in a meaningful way, they become your greatest success stories.  Throat Punch Normal will help you get teens excited about coming back to see you every week!


 Create the Perfect Strategy To Grow Your Ministry


What if you had a blueprint to the perfect growth strategy for your ministry?  Our Purpose Project Workshops and Strategic Planning Sessions can help you break down how your ministry is uniquely designed to shine.


Learn about the workshop

The Purpose Project Workshop surveys the gifts, passions, talents and personality types of your staff, volunteers and students to bring you a complete picture of how your ministry is uniquely wired.

Next, we bring everyone together for a fun, interactive, and extremely insightful workshop that will help each person study their design and how they are made to impact the world around them.

Finally, we schedule a private session with you and your leadership team to analyze the results of the survey and discuss how you can create a strategy to maximize your strengths and reach your ministry goals.

Workshops start at just $500 plus travel expenses. Schedule a time to speak with us more, we would love to hear about your specific situation! (link to acuity)

Learn about Strategic planning sessions

Our strategic planning sessions can help you get a feel for how you are uniquely wired as a leader and how you can leverage your gifts, talents, passions and more to find success in ministry.

We begin with an online survey that will take you about 40 minutes to complete. Next, we schedule a time to meet 1:1 in person or remotely to go over your answers and talk through strategies that are aligned to how you have been created to lead.

Planning sessions start at $199 for a 90 minute private meeting. Schedule a time to speak with us more, we would love to hear about your specific situation! (link to acuity)