Stuff for Young Adults

By "Young Adult" we generally mean the 18 to 30ish crowd that is perpetually trapped by the low expectations the world has put on them and who crave authentic community with others as they discover and embrace their unique design. This is for the dreamers, creators, innovators, and emerging leaders that are ready to kick normal in the nuts.


Purpose Project

Not just another course.

And here's why.  Not only does this project combine some of the best methods ever created for helping people become self aware, it comes with 1:1 personal interaction with our coaching team!  As a non-profit, our goal is to see you succeed.  We don't want you to just read a book or watch a video. we want you to experience that 'A-Ha!' moment you have been waiting for.



Our diverse community holds great value for a number of different young adults.   For some, it is a safe place to be around those who care about their future success.  For others it is a place where they are equipped and inspired to embrace their gifts and passions.  Many embrace it as a place to give back and be a part of something bigger than themselves.  We work hard to make our community accessible, authentic, catalytic to everyone’s growth personally, professionally and spiritually which is why for some, Catalyst is an extension of their church community.

Equinox, a division of the Catalyst Collective, is a contemporary expression of church with membership open to those who desire to invest in their personal, professional and spiritual growth.  This is what you have been looking for but never thought it existed!


Success Coaching

Success coaching = a modern form of mentoring + consulting + accountability and encouragement that is designed around an individuals personal, professional and/or spiritual areas of desired achievement.  

In partnership with the Catalyst Collective team of leaders, Joe and his staff offer success coaching for those young adults who want to get serious about going further faster. Success is about movement. Statues do not get much accomplished in life.  Reaching your goals takes strategy, focus, resiliency, learning to take the right risks and having someone in your corner to help get it done. 


Volunteer with Catalyst

The best relationships are often formed over shared mission.  Our young adult community is strong and vibrant because we all share a common vision - nobody wants to settle for normal.  We work hard to make sure our volunteers are able to apply their specific gifts for maximum impact.  

We encourage you to reach out and learn about the many ways you can give back as a mentor, tutor, teacher, administrator, designer, writer, vlogger, musician, event planner and so much more.