Team Members and Volunteers ROCK!

YA, this app is KINDA LONG BUT WE HAVE TO MAKE SURE YOU'RE NOT CRAZY.  If you are applying for a full or Part Time position, you are in the right place.  complete the Form below.

HERE IS A QUICK OVERVIEW OF THE PROCESS to become a Staff Member or volunteer:

Step 1 Complete the form below. (Approx 30 minutes if you don't know your Myers Briggs Personality Type)

Step 2 Speak/Meet with a team member about options best suited for you.  (30 minutes but you may have already done this)

Step 3 Complete Background Checks (10 minutes and you'll do this later)

Step 4 Take our Volunteer Training Course online (50 minutes)



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A series of questions for us to get to know you and help you make an impact with the next generation.
To take the free online version of this test please go to then post your 4 letter results in this field.
Try to list out 10 things that you are naturally good at or that others tell you you're good at. Totally ok if it's random.
We live in an imperfect world. Injustice is all around us. Knowing you can't fix every problem but you were given unlimited time, money and resources, what area would you focus on to make this world a better place?
Please describe any previous volunteer or work experience that translates to the roles you are most interested in with Catalyst..
Of all the great places you could donate your time and talent to, why are you interested in serving with us?
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