What is Throat Punch Normal?

As a young adult, there is this feeling that you have but it’s hard to put into words. It’s like you know God made you for something more but you aren’t sure what that is. Your gut tells you there has to be more to life than this. At times you wonder if anyone will ever step in to help you recognize your gifts and lift you out the funk of living just another normal teenage life.

Discover Your Unique Design

The desire to discover and develop your gifts and passions in an effort to impact the lives of others is brewing within you. The resources to make it happen are within your grasp - the ultimate teen life hack is here. The only thing that now stands in the way of bringing your unique purpose to life is you.

But fear not. You are not alone.

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Using examples from the life of the Apostle Paul and the mentorship he received from Jesus, we will detail how, as a teen, you can:

  • Unlock your true Potential

  • Piece together your unique Design

  • Decipher your specific Calling

  • Execute a Strategy to attack your normal

  • Know and defeat your Enemy

  • Adopt a Perspective that will propel you toward greatness


What Students Are Saying

Joe brings the content of Throat Punch Normal to Camp Chapparrel and students share a few of their insights and takeaways.  

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Ways to get the most out of this book

There are 1,000 different ways to use this book! Here are some of our favorite ways Mentors, Youth Leaders and Parents have used it.


Read TPN Individually OR WITH A MENTOR

Throat Punch Normal is meant to be worked through at your own pace. Read a section and then take some time to use the end-of-chapter activities to apply it to your life.


Purpose Project Student Ministry Edition

This makes unlocking your youth’s identity EASY!

We split the book into 6 sections, each with their own lesson, theme, games and more. The free guide takes the weight off the leaders shoulders and allows mentors to carry on the natural conversations with clear next steps found in the book.


Camp or Weekend Retreat

Join us for TPN 2020 in Austin or Bring the authors of the book to your hometown!

We can create a custom camp or weekend retreat to help students unlock their unique design and get them fired up to impact their campus.