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We help middle school and high school students explore and develop their gifts and passions.


Throat Punch Normal

What if there was a way to discover the impact teens were uniquely designed to have on others?

Many have this feeling that is hard to put into words. It's like you know God made you for something more, but you aren't sure what that is. You don't know how or when, but your gut tells you there has to be more to life than this. At times we wonder if anyone will ever step in to help us recognize our gifts and lift us out of the funk of living just another normal life.

In Throat Punch Normal, we take you on a journey of self discovery that is deeply challenging and eye opening. Using examples from the life of the Apostle Paul and the mentorship he received from Jesus, we detail how teens can:

  • Unlock their true Potential
  • Piece together their unique Design
  • Decipher their specific Calling
  • Execute a Strategy to attack their normal
  • Know and defeat their Enemy
  • Adopt a Perspective that will propel them to greatness

This is the ultimate teen life hack.


Success Coaching

Success coaching = a modern form of mentoring + consulting + accountability and encouragement that is designed around an individuals personal, professional and/or spiritual areas of desired achievement.  

In partnership with the Catalyst Collective team of leaders, Joe and his staff offer success coaching for those students who want to get serious about going further faster. Success is about movement.  Statues do not get much accomplished in life.  Reaching your goals takes strategy, focus, resiliency, learning to take the right risks and having someone in your corner to help get it done.  


After Hours and Community Service

Students local to Austin have even greater access to the staff and resources of Catalyst. Community service hours can be earned by going through our Purpose Project or new book, Throat Punch Normal, and meeting with one of our volunteer coaches.  We also coordinate projects in the community and events that teens can participate in (see our events section).  

We highly encourage students at one of these Texas schools to visit and get involved with our After Hours program as a way to meet new friends and participate in free classes to explore and develop their gifts and passions.

McNeil High School
Round Rock ISD

Hopewell Middle 
Round Rock ISD

Leander High School
Leander ISD

Boswell High School
Eagle Mountain ISD

Saginaw High School
Eagle Mountain ISD