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The Catalyst Purpose Project is a compilation of some of the best methods ever used to help draw out unique identity and purpose. In this online course we will guide you step by step through the process of discovering, developing, working and perfecting who you were made to be.


It's Stupid affordable

Look, we are normal people just like you.  Many of us felt average our entire life.  We've read books, listened to podcasts, watched online videos for years with brief moments of inspiration but limited, long-term impact and threw away a ton of money in the process.  So looking back over decades of experience, we examined everything that had ever helped us find significant insight about who we are and what we should do in life.  The answers we found have been strategically organized into what we now call the "Purpose Project".  

So we started this non-profit to do for you what nobody ever bothered to do for us.


3 Ways to Get Started


Purpose Project Online Course $19

Click the image above to begin touring the course for free.  This is all of our best material and exercises designed to:

  • Draw out 3 -5 of our greatest passions

  • Help you choose which the one you should focus on now

  • Build short term and long term goals around your vision

  • Avoid the pitfalls that derail most people from pursuing their dreams and developing their talents

  • Take a closer look at how your time and finances play a part in achieving your success

  • Access to our staff via email and chat throughout the process

Purpose Project: Express Edition $70

Click the image above to get started immediately with our Purpose Project: Express Edition questionnaire which takes about 20 to 25 minutes to complete.  The express version includes:

  • A survey of your passions, talents, personality type and life experiences

  • A one hour Success Coaching session in person/phone/Skype to help you uncover some of your greatest strengths and potential

  • Goal setting with our team to help you develop your ideas and next steps

Purpose Project Survey & Workshops

Click the image above to learn more about how we our workshops can draw the very best out of your team or ministry.  Our tailored approach which help you:

  • Assess the personality types, gifts, talents and passions that are at work around you and how they can best fit together on mission

  • Bring clarity to the specific problems your team is uniquely created to solve

  • Get each member of your ministry or business excited about the future and the important role they have to play in it

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Workbook Available on Amazon

This Catalyst Purpose Project workbook is a hard copy of the digital workbook that comes as part of the course. If you prefer to have something in your hands, this is it! Authors Joe Elliott and Zac Tinney lead you through a series of insightful, short, proven exercises to help draw out your unique identity and purpose. This comprehensive guide will take you through the process of discovering your passions and developing an easy to follow strategy to put your ideas into action.

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CHurch Misfit Podcast

Thought provoking perspectives on life, culture, ministry, business, and parenting that challenge the status quo from the Catalyst Collective squad.

The Church Misfit Podcast is perfect for those who want real, unfiltered talk on urban missions, reaching teens, engaging Millennials, parenting a digital generation and living as a christian in a post-christian culture. Filled with practical tips on how to unlock your unique design and make an impact in the world today, Joe and his team of Church Misfits will inspire and challenge you.