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We get you.  We are parents too.  Parents of teens, parents of young adults, parents of our kids friends and even parents of our own adult friends at times.   This 'adulting' thing is exhaustive.  The resources, videos and blogs on this page are always being updated so you can check back or just follow us on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram so you always get the latest tips and resources as the come out.  Here is some of our popular stuff.

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Throat Punch Normal

Our latest book, written for teens, is a great discipleship/mentorship tool for parents of teens.  In Throat Punch Normal, we take teens on a journey of self discovery and inspiration as we take them through a series of exercises to help them discover and develop their unique gifts and passions.  As a parent, we would highly encourage you to use this book as a weekly talking point resource and do the exercises with them.  We have laid out six easy to follow sections of the book that can be spread out over six weeks.  

Let the topics in the book drive some deep, meaningful conversations between you and your teen as you dive deeper into understanding how they are wired and how you can help them thrive.  


Free Video Series - 'WHat Are They Thinking?!'

As a Gen X'r with decades of experience leading young people, Joe shares the secrets behind Catalyst's success and provides insight into how employers, churches and parents can better engage and empower the next generation. In this course, Joe breaks down:

  • How Employers can Attract, Retain and Empower their young staff
  • 5 Key Strategies for Parents to effectively lead their pre-teens, teens or young adults
  • The reason churches are losing influence with this generation and what can be done about it

The concepts in this course are not theory, they have been instrumental in the Catalyst Collectives success and in Joe's own personal life parenting 3 kids. You will find this content to be on point. After completing the course, feel free to reach out to us directly with questions on challenges that are unique to your situation.


The Catalyst Purpose Project Video Course- For parents of Young Adults

So you are a parent of young adult who has graduated but doesn't seem to know which direction they are headed in life. Your kids seems to listen to everyone else's opinions about what they should do next but your advice falls on deaf ears.  They lack drive toward a path or career that could be productive and you want to help.

The Purpose Project is the young adult/adult version of our book Throat Punch Normal.  This can be the spark you have been hoping they would find as it takes them on a journey of self awareness and inspiration that will not disappoint.  As a parent, we highly encourage you to go through the course with them, sharing insights you both receive into your unique make up and how to apply it in the world around you.

Let the topics in the book drive some deep, meaningful conversations between you and your young adult as you bond over how you can both use the gifts and talents you have to make an impact on the world.

For a limited time, use coupon code "HALFOFF" to access the course and digital workbook for only $19.50!


50 Things Parents do to Impact their Teens (Free)

At Catalyst, we have the benefit of working with many parents who have maintained incredible relationships with their children throughout their teenage years.  Nothing about parenting comes easy and all of it requires hard work.

We surveyed these parents and asked for their ideas on what were some of the most impactful things they did to remain a close influence in their son or daughters life. 

As parents, we often beat ourselves up over the stuff we get wrong and do not give ourselves enough credit for the things we get right.  So here is a list, in the words of the parents we talked to, that we hope will encourage you to keep going and also inspire you to try something new.  Please share this with others you know!

Here is a sample:

#10 I fail and pull myself up. Sometimes it isn't about doing anything at all with your teen, it is showing that life is full of ups and downs and how you get through them. I am a parent who has failed, and I admit it, then I show and speak about how to fix it.








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