20 Free Things Teens Can Do This Summer In Austin


We know it can be hard to find things for your teens to do over the summer so our staff has collected a few ideas to share with you.  Our goal is to encourage teens to try out new things, explore some potential passions and skills, engage in stuff they normally don't have time or opportunity to do during the school year.  The more they try stuff out, the faster they will land on something that is meaningful to them.  

If you are a parent of a teen that just refuses to get involved in anything, we recommend forcing them to do #2 on this entreprenurial list. Pay them, bribe them, blackmail them...whatever it takes to get them to complete our Purpose Project: Express Edition and sit down with one of our coaches.  They may go in kicking and screaming but they will be thanking you when after they meet us.

Here are our 20 ideas.

Entrepreneurial Workshops and Ideas


  1. Free workshops at Apple store at the Domain.  Pick up new skills like how to mix and edit music, create videos and movies, and edit photos on your mac.

  2. Meet with Catalyst Teen Centersuccess coaches for FREE to help discover your unique gifts and passions.

  3. Catalyst Teen Center live student broadcast.  Catalyst is looking for teens who are not camera shy and can articulate their opinions well.  This is a weekly live video on Facebook beginning June 6th for teens to talk openly about issues, events and hot topics in their world.  

  4. Free Entrepreneurial Workshops for teens at Laura Bush Community Library.  A five part program where teens can learn the basics of starting and running their own business.

  5. Podcast Writing & Recording Workshop at Austin Bat Cave

  6. Austin’s Post-Apocalyptic Writing Workshop (Austin Bat Cave)

  7. Free Mobile App Development Camp

  8. Free workshops at Microsoft store at the Domain

Places for Teens to Volunteer

  1. Habitat for Humanity

  2. The Contemporary Austin - Teen Volunteer Program at the art school (ages 13-18)

  3. Inside Books Project - sends free books & educational materials to inmates in Texas

  4. Creative Action Summer Camp Volunteer

  5. Vacation Bible Schools (VBS) - Just about every church does one over the summer and they are always looking for teen volunteers.  Contact a local church near you for more info.

Things To Do

  1. Monthly Ukulele Jam Sessions

  2. Sound & Cinema at the Long Center.  Live music and a movie!  Tons of Austin food trucks to choose from too.  Co-produced by Do512 and Alamo Drafthouse.

  3. Free Dance Lessons at the Long Center

  4. Free Summer Workouts by Camp Gladiator

  5. Free Parkour Classes with BAM Academy

  6. Free Art Classes

  7. Free Theater Workshops

Please feel free to comment on this post and share some other ideas you have found in the Greater Austin area that are free or affordable for teens!


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