Welcome Fellow Misfits!

Not sure if you are a misfit?  You are.  You just haven't embraced it yet.  Or maybe you have and these podcasts and videos will help affirm that you are a tad more normal than you think. Follow our Church Misfit Podcast on iTunes, Spotify and more!


What is a church Misfit

Well, we love Jesus, but we drink a little.  There are millions of people in the US who consider themselves spiritual, maybe even Christian, and yet, feel that traditional forms of church are not for them.  We get that.


Join Other Misfits in Austin

We have a thriving young adult community of church misfits in Austin, Texas that would love to meet you.  We gather every Thursday night at Anderson Terrace Event Center.  Hit the button below to find out more.


Misfits in Action

As a diverse community we have learned to bring to life our misfit potential and do something with it.  Come volunteer with us as we serve at-risk teens, the homeless, and other misfits looking for their niche in life.


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