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What are they thinking?!

Leading young people is not easy.  This millennial and 'Z' generation distrusts authority like never before. And who can blame them? Police shootings, teachers sleeping with students, pastors collapsing morally, government leader indictments, escalating divorce rates, poor managers at work ...  Anything that presents itself as authority in their life is failing them.  

So how exactly can we lead this generation without their trust?

Answer:  We show before we tell.

It all comes down to our ability to model what we preach. This generation trusts only what they experience so to earn trust you must be an authority figure that consistently models what you preach.

But that's just the beginning.


Throat Punch Normal and The Purpose Project

The Catalyst leadership team has 20 years of experience on the front lines mentoring, leading and discipling the next generation.  We have used a number of different books, videos and methods over the years and in 2017 decided to combine some of the best tools and exercises that we have ever seen impact young people into two resources - Throat Punch Normal for Teens and The Catalyst Purpose Project for Young Adults.

If you want to create a spark in the young lives around you, this is your ultimate tool.  Parents, Mentors, Youth Leaders, Teachers and Employers are leveraging the methods outlined here to engage and empower those under their influence.  

"As a parent of two teenage children whom have worked with Joe, I have the privilege and honor to have witnessed his leadership development plan, his desire to disciple young people, and hear him speak to dynamic audiences about Jesus, culture, and leadership principles.  Joe has the ability to capture your attention and fill you with the potential of "what could be".  His ideas and proven plans for personal growth are and have been instrumental to many adults and teens."

- Patrick Moore, Director of Christian Education @ Epiphany Lutheran Church


Workshops and Speaking

Our staff is beginning to travel around the nation to conduct camps, workshops and keynote speaking events on a variety of topics dealing with engaging and empowering the next generation. Here are some of the topics that we often speak on:

Using Social Media and Tech to Impact Millennials

For Churches:

Building a Church for The Next Generation
Engaging and Empowering The Next Generation
Leverage Your Gifts and Calling as a Staff
Helping Your Congregation Discover and Develop     Their Gifts and Passions
Effective Modern Discipleship and Outreach

Parenting Teens
Bringing Your Unique Purpose to Life
Building Effective Teams
Starting From Nothing
Myers Briggs Type Indicator Workshops
Leading Volunteers
Creating a Culture of Innovation


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