Can’t make the tournament but would love to help us serve at risk teens in Austin? Click the donate button below and select “Charity Kickball Sponsorship” in the drop down form.



Title Sponsor

Title Sponsor ($1,000, only 1 available)
As title sponsor for this event, we will send a team to your business to film a 60 second commercial which will be posted on our social media account with thousands of unique views guaranteed.  You will also gain social media exposure as we market this event online and proudly display your logo on our event banner at the fields.

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Spirit Award Sponsor

Spirit Award Sponsor ($250, 1 available)

We will be awarding a prize to the team with the most spirit at the tournament.  This sponsorship would cover a prize for 9-11 people and can be individual gift cards, in kind donations or cash.  A group photo will be taken and promoted on Social Media giving credit to you as our sponsor.

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T-Shirt Sponsor

T-shirt Sponsor ($500, only 1 available)
T-shirt sponsors will have their logo placed on the back of the tournament shirt handed out to all participants and volunteers.  Your logo will be the only logo on the shirt!

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Medal Sponsor

Medal Sponsor ($250, 1 available)

First and second place teams will receive medals courtesy of your donation!  Group photos will be taken and promoted on Social Media giving credit to you as our sponsor.

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Snack Sponsor

Snack Sponsor ($250, 1 available)

The least glamorous yet most necessary of all sponsorship,  you have the opportunity to keep everyone hydrated and fueled for an exciting day of kickball.  In kind donations are welcome. A photo will be taken at our snack station and promoted on social media with your organization getting the praise.

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Team Sponsor

Team Sponsor ($300, 4 available)

As a team sponsor, you can cover the entry cost of a team of broke students!  You can even have them wear your organizations apparel (if you have any). We have plenty of students who would love to play but their parents won’t cover the cost so this is a cool opportunity to get them involved and interacting with our mentors!

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