Creating a Purpose Statement

Now it’s time to zoom back out and take a look at the big picture. This should feel like you are trying to piece together a puzzle because that is exactly what you are doing. The thing about puzzles is that everyone goes into solving them with a strategy. We start with the border, sort the colors, have the box cover close as a reference and pick a section to start in. Ironically, when it comes to solving the puzzle of who we are and what we are designed to do in this life, we execute only a fraction of the strategy that we use in solving a simple picture puzzle.

The problem is you don’t have the box cover, just the pieces ready to be connected.

Connecting the Pieces with 2 Steps

Step 1: What Themes do you see?

Put back on your detective hat. If these were all clues to solving the mystery of what your specific purpose can look like, what stands out to you? Remember, there is NO SINGLE CORRECT ANSWER, only well researched theories based on your own self-reflection. The only way to know for sure will be to pick a direction and begin walking down it.

Maybe you see that one thing some of your answers have in common is that they deal with interacting face to face with people. In that case, what need might these people have that you want to help them with?

Maybe you see that creativity is a theme. You love creating. What kinds of things would you create, and what purpose would they serve?

Step 2: Connect your Themes to your Passions with a Purpose Statement.

In drawing some conclusions, you may see that you are a highly creative person, who enjoys dealing with people face to face and has a passion to help them overcome traumatic pain in their life. Possible areas of purpose could lie in Art Therapy, Counseling, teaching underprivileged youth, or doing something new that nobody else is doing.

I want to tell you that the vast majority of people on this planet never even get this far in the pursuit of their unique purpose.


If you are not happy with the purpose statements you have crafted, we have a few options for you:

1. Show 5 people your worksheet from this course and ask for their input on what themes they see and what purpose statement it might result in.

2. Consider taking advantage of a 30 minute or 1 hour coaching session with our team. We will look at what you have written down so far, ask you a bunch of questions and help you think through possible purpose statements.

3. Enroll in our Purpose Project Course online and get access to our entire video collection and digital workbook that will walk you through this process in way more detail by taking a look at your personality type, natural talents, love language and so much more. Check it out at