Every Church is Unique

Each of our churches are made up of a set of leadership and volunteer teams that are comprised of individuals, each with their own special mix of life experiences, passions, personality types, talents, spiritual gifts and more.  It's an awesome mosaic of God's creation gathered together under a unified vision to love God and love others.  As beautiful as it is, there is no guarantee this broken, yet redeemed family we call 'church' will thrive.

Our resources are designed to help you study your churches unique design, know why it matters and how you can use this knowledge to release your gifts and talents in the community for maximum impact.

Our Speaking Topics, Workshops, Discipleship Tools and Video below will help you bring your churches unique purpose to life.

Every Church Can Grow

Growth is not always numeric.  When we are embracing our unique design as a church we find ourselves growing in influence around the community, growing in depth with our relationships and growing in courage as we feel empowered to just go be who God made us to be.  Although this is not a comprehensive list, Joe speaks on topics that equip, inspire and produce tangible results.  Whether its a Sunday Morning Service, Men's Retreat, Conference, Camp, Youth/College Gathering etc, you will find that Joe's style, message and delivery connect with everyone.

Popular Topics Include:

Building a Church for The Next Generation
Engaging and Empowering The Next Generation
Leverage Your Gifts and Calling as a Staff
Helping Your Congregation Discover and Develop Their Gifts and Passions
Effective Modern Discipleship and Outreach
The Art of Evangelism in 2018
The Millennial Talk

Every Church is one A-ha Moment away from Breakthrough

Our workshops are based of our speaking topics and help team and congregations go deeper.  Filled with practical guides, strategic goal setting and stories you will never forget, these short intensives are the Catalyst you have been looking for.

Catalyst Collective Workshops for Churches - Download, customize and share this slide deck with your team at https://haikudeck.com/p/221f02491f



This one of a kind workshop is aimed at accelerating the discovery and ownership of your unique gifts and passions.  When self-awareness increases in an organization, productivity is right behind.  Great leaders know how to leverage their strengths in all situations and put strategies in place to account for the areas they are not as gifted in.

Workshop Highlights:

  • 2 hours in length
  • Interactive, practical and extremely insightful, this workshop has been proven to build community within groups and be catalytic in helping teams and individuals achieve greater success.  

  • Each participant will complete the Purpose Project Express Edition and receive lifetime access to The Purpose Project video course.  This project gathers clues as to how each persons unique personality, talents, life experiences and passions work together to reveal who they are and what kind of impact they are wired to make on this earth.

What is the Purpose Project?  Take a look...

mbti (1).jpg


Spend time with Joe and his team of strategic, unorthodox thinkers as they zoom in on what it means to be effective in todays culture.  Designed to help you impact your targeted community,  this workshop was will inspire innovation in creating ministry and discipleship strategies.


  • 2 hours in length

  • Using real life situations from the front lines of your organization we will talk through the common pitfalls of ministry strategies, the framework or “Must Haves” for any effective strategy and how to build and sustain momentum.

  • Participants or teams will leave with a solid blueprint for how to achieve their ministry goals and the resources they will need to continue being successful.


Communication is the lifeblood of any organization. The biggest challenge most teams face revolve around relationships. Knowing your personality type is a powerful self-awareness tool for you to understand your personal preferences in a positive way and appreciate the preferences of others that are different from yours. This assessment will introduce you to The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), the most widely used behavioral assessment in the world for helping people understand themselves. The MBTI is a framework and a process that can help you confirm how you like to do things, your strengths and lifestyle.

Participants in these assessments will reflect on their own psychological type and begin integrating that knowledge into their everyday responsibilities in practical ways. You will gain a better understanding as to why others communicate as they do and learn to adjust your own preferences to “speak their language” and build better work relationships.

What is the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator? Click Here link to http://www.myersbriggs.org/my-mbti-personality-type/mbti-basics/

For Teens and Youth Leaders

In Throat Punch Normal, students and leaders can go on a journey together of self discovery that is deeply challenging and eye opening.  Using examples from the life of the Apostle Paul and the mentorship he received from Jesus, we will detail how, as teens and leaders, you can:

  • Unlock your true Potential
  • Piece together your unique Design

  • Decipher your specific Calling

  • Execute a Strategy to attack your normal

  • Know and defeat your Enemy

  • Adopt a Perspective that will propel you toward greatness 

For Young adults and Above

Similar to Throat Punch Normal, The Catalyst Purpose Project is a compilation of some of the best methods ever used to help draw out unique identity and purpose. In this online course we will guide you step by step through the process of discovering, developing, working and perfecting who you were made to be.