For Some, Equinox is a safe place to be around those who care about their future success.  For others, it is a place where they are equipped and inspired to embrace their gifts and passions.  

We work hard to make our community accessible, authentic, catalytic to everyone’s growth personally, professionally and spiritually which is why for some, Equinox is an extension of their church community.


What we do

Some weeks we have a modern version of a liturgical format that includes prayer and meditation through songs, journaling, art and brief topical discussions and teachings.  Other weeks we have a larger small group discussion format where we dissect topics from current events and issues that we all resonate with. On the second Thursday of each month we record podcasts together and on the fourth Thursdays we have guy and girl hangout nights which are a blast.

Through it all, we are intentional about challenging each other to dream big, set goals and take action toward personal, professional and spiritual endeavors.  And we are big on serving the community.

See for yourself. 

Check out our event page and come hang


From The Community