Our diverse community holds great value for a number of different people.   For some, it is a safe place to be around those who care about their future success.  For others it is a place where they are equipped and inspired to embrace their gifts and passions.  Many embrace it as a place to give back and be a part of something bigger than themselves.  We work hard to make our community accessible, authentic, catalytic to everyone’s growth personally, professionally and spiritually which is why for some, Equinox is an extension of their church community.

Equinox, a division of the Catalyst Collective, is a contemporary expression of church with membership open to those who desire to invest in their personal, professional and spiritual growth.  This is what you have been looking for but never thought it existed!

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What we do

Catalyst is planning to acquire a physical space to call home soon but until that happens, we remain a mobile community meeting weekly in houses, coffee shops, pubs and parks around Cedar Park and Northwest Austin.  Some weeks we have a modern version of a liturgical format that includes prayer and meditation through songs, journaling, art and brief topical discussions and teachings.  Other weeks we have a larger small group discussion format where we dissect topics from current events and issues that we all resonate with.

Through it all, we are intentional about challenging each other to dream big, set goals and take action toward personal, professional and spiritual endeavors.  And we are big on serving the community.

We are not anti-church, we just believe our culture is ready for a new expression of it that does not compromise the teachings found in the bible.  It's okay to be skeptical.  We were too in the beginning.  But know we love it and wouldn't want to do community or church any other way.

See for yourself. Check out our event page and come hang out with us!  



What? That top paragraph didn't clear everything up for you?  If you are like us, you are very intrigued by this idea.  Maybe you grew up going to church and as you got older, have felt more and more disconnected from it.  Maybe you consider yourself spiritual but need a safe place to explore what it is you really do believe.  Maybe you have no interest in religion at all but are looking for group of people who you can be real with, take risks with, be encouraged by and who don't really care if you donating your money to them.

Click the image to the right and download our brief PDF that goes into a little more detail about this whole church but not a church thing. 


Upcoming Equinox Events