It’s Time To Unlock Your Church’s Potential


Every Church is Unique

Each church is comprised of individuals with their own special mix of life experiences, passions, personality types, talents, spiritual gifts and more - an awesome mosaic of God's creation!  

In partnership with Alignment Leadership, our method is designed to help you study your churches unique design, know why it matters and how you can use this knowledge to release your gifts and talents in the community for maximum impact.


two Ways we help


Purpose Project Express

The Purpose Project Express Survey & Workshop assesses the gifts, passions, talents and personality types of your staff, volunteers and even members to bring you a complete picture of how your church or ministry is uniquely wired. Next, you have the option to bring everyone together for a fun, interactive, and extremely insightful workshop that will help each person study their own design and how they are made to impact your church and community.

Collect and Analyze Data starting at $249 and set up a workshop starting at $749 plus travel expenses. Schedule a time to speak with us more, we would love to hear about your specific situation!

Preview the Purpose Project Survey

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Strategic Planning Sessions

The Catalyst Collective and Alignment Leadership have partnered together to create an innovative, strategic planning session that will show you how you are uniquely wired as a leader and how you can leverage your gifts, talents, passions and more to find success in ministry. We begin with the Purpose Project Express survey that will take you about 40 minutes to complete. Next, we schedule a time to meet 1:1 in person or remotely to go over your answers and talk through strategies that are aligned to how you have been created to lead.

Planning sessions start at $249 for a 90 minute private meeting. Schedule a time to speak with us more, we would love to hear about your specific situation!


Mens Retreats - Motivational Speaking - Leadership Development - Camps & Conferences

Popular Speaking Topics Include:

  • Business as Mission (BAM)

  • Holistic Discipleship - The New Frontier for Church

  • Building a Church for The Next Generation

  • Engaging and Empowering The Next Generation

  • Leverage Your Gifts and Calling as a Staff

  • Helping Your Congregation Discover and Develop Their Gifts and  Passions

  • Effective Modern Discipleship and Outreach

  • The Art of Evangelism in 2020

  • Topics for Parents, Youth Workers and more!




Resources for Church Leaders