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Parenting teens is not easy.  This millennial and 'Z' generation distrusts authority like never before.  And who can blame them? Police shootings, teachers sleeping with students, pastors collapsing morally, government leader indictments and escalating divorce rates.  Anything that presents itself as authority in their life is failing them.  So how exactly can we lead this generation without their trust?

Answer:  We show before we tell.

It all comes down to our ability to model what we preach. This generation trusts only what they experience so to earn trust you must be an authority figure that consistently models what you preach.  The resources on this page are designed to help you do just that.


What Are They Thinking!?

An Online Video Series for Parents and More, it's FREE!


50 Things Parents do to Impact their teens

At Catalyst Teen Center we have the benefit of working with many parents who have maintained incredible relationships with their children throughout their teenage years.  Nothing about parenting comes easy and all of it requires hard work.

We surveyed these parents and asked for their ideas on what were some of the most impactful things they did to remain a close influence in their son or daughters life.  

Here are a few of our favorites:

#12 I wrote my son a letter when he was 15. Told him how proud I was about the man he was becoming.  Told him my hopes for his future and gave him some direction on how to achieve his goals. Told him of my failures and things that I regretted.  I just thought if my dad had done that for me, I would still refer to that letter today.

#38 My teens feel that my support in their interests, hobbies, passions whether I understood or even agreed with them has been so important to them. One of the best examples is my daughters decided to go Vegan and it requires me to shop and cook differently for them and it means a lot to them that I support them. Having support even in the small stuff is comforting

New in 2017- The Ultimate Discipleship Tool for Parents!

Teens and Young Adults today struggle with the same exact things we wrestled with when we were young - Identity, Belonging and Purpose.  So we created the ultimate online course to help them bring their unique purpose to life.  All of our best practices are yours for almost nothing.  Work the course with you teen/young adult or mentor them through each section.  We are available to coach them through it as well!

Flip through the course and book to see what we are talking about.  This may be the 'catalyst' you have been looking for in your son or daughters life!

Is College Right For your Kid?

For most high school graduates, college is not their best next step.  At least not right away.  In this video, Joe speaks to both young adults and parents about what life, post high school, should look like for those not enrolled in some form of higher education.  


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