Let's not make this complicated.

Welcome to the best place to volunteer in Austin.  
You want to serve the local community and we want to help you maximize your unique gifts and passions to do it.  

Open House

Join us for a 1 hour visionary open house where you will meet our staff, tour our programs and learn where your gifts and passions can be best applied. Our Next Open House is
Thursday June 8th at 6pm located at Mosaic Church in Austin.

Programs & events

We do lots of cool stuff serving at-risk teens in Austin and we encourage you to just show up for any of it. Seriously. You can also browse through our calendar of events below.  Most everything is free because we have awesome donors.

Volunteer In Austin

This looks awesome and you want to get involved but you are not sure how. Great places to volunteer your time are hard to find but we make community service easy.  You have a unique set of talents and passions that many people are waiting to be impacted by.