Feel Like A Church Misfit?

You are not alone.

There are a number of awkward nuances in churches that make us feel or think we don't fit.  Our new Church Misfit series speaks into that tension and reminds us that we are each an original design.  It's okay to be weirded out or uncomfortable with some elements of church.  The important thing to remember is that God desires us to be in community, encouraging one another in growth, and that community doesn't always exist behind four walls.  We are here to help you understand how you are uniquely made and how to leverage your gifts and passions to impact others.

Live in Austin?

So do we!  Come hang out with us every Monday night at 7:07 pm for an interactive prayer and worship experience called Liturgy.  For most Millennials, our gatherings embody many of the elements you wish you could experience in traditional churches but don't.  It won't take you long to feel at home, we promise.

For directions and info see our events page.

Christian Jargon

Church lingo, jargon, christianese... whatever you want to call it...sucks. Ultimately it does more harm than good.  It's one of many things that continue to divide insiders from outsiders and is a sign that one might be 'overchurched'.

Why Worship is Weird

Joe gives insight into why you might feel uncomfortable in a worship environment while others seem to be connecting.  There is nothing broken in you.  Worship is actually a much broader idea than we realize.  Singing is just one expression of it.

Is God Speaking to Me

Many people claim to hear from God. How do we really know if it is in fact a supernatural creator or just voices in our head?  Believe it our not, there is actually a very logical approach to the whole thing and this 2 part formula may help.

Interested in discovering your gifts and passions?

Catch a preview of our new online course and book entitled Purpose Project and if you have ideas or feedback for more Church Misfit videos, give is a quick shout!